Our Vision:

The Remuera Rackets Club strives to be Auckland’s premier rackets, health and fitness club providing the highest quality competitive and social experience for all levels in an all-inclusive family friendly environment.

Our Mission:

  • Provide a high quality sport, fitness and leisure facility with exceptional programmes and services.
  • Provide facilities, programmes and services that are leading edge in the sport, fitness and leisure industry.
  • Create lifelong participation and membership.
  • Create and inspire true value and ethics of sport, fitness, health and lei-sure.
  • Have the resources and structures to encourage potential young members to enjoy and develop in their chosen sporting code/s.
  • Promote a friendly atmosphere that encourages and enriches our member’s lives.
  • Carry forward our RRC legacy and traditions of a proud community club for local residents and businesses.
  • Be agile in the current and ever changing sport, fitness and leisure environment, with an eye for the future.
  • Enhance the ability to grow and expand our club.
  • Be committed to the development of a sustainable rackets and health club.

New and older members alike are proud of the rich history that is Remuera Rackets Club