It is acknowledged by the Applicant (parents where Applicant is a junior) that:

  1. The information contained in this application is being collected for the purpose of assessing this application for admission to Remuera Rackets Club ("the Club") and, if this application is successful, for the administration of the Club and maintenance of its records of past, present and future.
  2. The Club is authorised to disclose the information in this application to associated bodies being Auckland Tennis Inc, Auckland Squash Inc and the respective national organisations being New Zealand Tennis and New Zealand Squash (called "associated bodies").
  3. Any of the associated bodies holding the information in this application may use that information for the purposes of any activities which that body is accustomed to undertake from time to time.
  4. We are aware of our rights under the Privacy Act 1993; to have access to the information and to request correction of the information and to be informed of action taken in response to any such request and/or to request that there be attached to the information a statement which we can supply to the Club relating to the fact that we have requested a correction.
  5. Any information disclosed to the Club may be provided to affiliated bodies under section 7 (4) of the Privacy Act 1993.
  6. The Club has as one of its primary purposes the promotion and organisation of sporting activities and shall be entitled to obtain such information about any individual as may be necessary to achieve this purpose and to disclose information obtained during the course of a member's participation in such activity.


This information will be stored at Remuera Rackets Club, 17 Dilworth Ave, Remuera and accessible by club staff, members and permitted users of the Club including Tennis Auckland, Tennis NZ, Squash Auckland and Squash NZ.
You may at any time request access to your personal information to change or make corrections.


Remuera Rackets Club will communicate with you via electronic Newsletters and Facebook. You will be notified of current events and tournaments and interclub registrations. Notice of the AGM will be sent out via email and annual reports will be available to view on the website.


Assessments and programmes are available from our Personal Trainers. Please contact the Fitness Centre manager to arrange this.

  1. Use of the Fitness Centre facility is restricted to the named security tag holder only. Any tag holder found lending their key to any other person will forfeit all rights to on-going access to the Fitness Centre.
  2. Fitness Centre members may not introduce visitors or any other persons to the Fitness Centre facility without the prior authority of the General Manager.
  3. Fitness Centre members are asked to use the equipment with respect and in accordance with accepted practices. Where instructions are provided please follow them. If you are in any doubt, contact a qualified instructor before proceeding.
  4. Towels MUST be used on Fitness Centre equipment at all times. Ensure equipment is left clean and dry following use.
  5. Report all equipment breakages or malfunctions to the Fitness Centre office immediately, or to any of the personal trainers
  6. Report any injuries incurred to the personal trainers or office immediately.
  7. Respect other members using the Fitness Centre and apply common sense, judgement and respect to ensure all users have fair and reasonable access to the equipment and facilities.