Introducing online booking fees for guests playing on our courts.

We have introduced a new system for guests (non members) that come to play on our courts. These guests must be accompanied by a current member of the club.

When booking a court you will see the option to add a guest as the other player. When using this option the guest member fee of $10.00 needs to be paid for use of the court. This fee is charged to the members account and the fee will be subtracted from a balance that the paid member has in their account.

So in essence the system works like this. The paid member must have a balance in their account at the time of booking the court and the court booking fee will be subtracted from this balance. You can top up the balance at any time online or at the office and the balance can be any amount you wish as long as it is more than the fee for booking a court. E.G. you could put in a balance of Say $40 so that your guest could play four times before needing to top up the balance again.

When booking a court if you do not have enough credit in your account you will see the following.

If you have enough money in your account then you will be able to book a court and see the charges at time of booking. The charges will also appear on the e-mail you received for the booking confirmation this is the.

To do this online simply go to the booking screen and login to your account by entering your ID and pin number. Then go to manage account and you will see the following section.

Simply put in the amount you wish to top up your account by and click on add credit. If you have a credit card on file already the amount will automatically be topped up. If not you will be asked to enter your credit card details.

If you wish to top up your account with cash or by Eftpos please call into the office and the staff can do this for you.


Q - What happens if I cancel my game before the playing time?

A - The fee is refunded to your account.

Q - What happens if we do not show up for the game?

A - Your fee is forfeited as if you played the game.

Q - How long is my credit valid for does it have an expiry?

A - No it is valid until used. No expiry date.