Tennis at Remuera Rackets is thriving, headed by Javier Cabezas our tennis professional from TENNISME

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Javier Cabezas

My name is Javier and I am a professional tennis coach from Mallorca, Spain and have been coaching in New Zealand for over 6 years where I live with my Kiwi wife and two sons. I am also a trained commercial pilot (ATPL) and agricultural engineer but I have always been highly involved in the sports industry throughout my life returning to tennis as a player and as a coach.

I believe tennis is a game for life that gives much fitness and enjoyment because it is a great sport. Working with people in the sporting field is something I have always found extremely rewarding, especially if I can help them to achieve their goals.


I have been coaching tennis as a Club Professional Coach in Spain, Germany and New Zealand for over 20 years alongside many well known coaches. My experience ranges from beginner to elite, from individual privates, adults and junior groups and competing teams. My clients need range from tennis for leisure, to improving cardio fitness to preparing professionals for competition. I often provide coaching to entire families from their pre schoolers through to grandparents. I aim to provide an activity for all the family to enjoy for life.

Growing up I played and won many tournaments in Spain as a junior player, including Mallorca and Balearic Championships singles, doubles and interclub. I approach coaching by drawing on my experience as a student and competitor to teacher and mentor. 

Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy has been shaped by working with many top coaches and being a passionate student and player of the game for over thirty years. I take a holistic approach and look across all aspects of a player's mental, physical, technical and tactical abilities, their limitations, and what will best serve their individual needs.

I feel that listening and responding to clients expectations is a key requirement of any coach and then striving to not only meet those requirements but appropriately stretch the clients to exceed expectations. I take great satisfaction from seeing others succeed.

I have devised specific training programmes, in coordination with mental and physical development for you to enjoy which are both challenging and fun.

My coaches share my same vision, are qualified and provide high quality lessons to ensure our programmes are successful and effective.

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