Solutions to get you back on track

Whether you have a minor or major injury, are recovering from an operation or have persistent pain the team at Futureproof Rehab and Physiotherapy can help you.

Futureproof Rehab was born out of the realisation that for many injuries there could be a number of factors that impede healing and can act as roadblocks to recovery. By addressing these wider issues we can promote better recovery and optimal health in the years ahead. This `futureproofing` is unique in Auckland and we aim to provide an unrivalled service for injury and rehabilitation excellence.

Futureproof Rehab Ltd also specialises in working with people suffering from persistent pain issues to enable them to better manage their condition and to enjoy a more productive, better quality of life. We will identify your barriers to recovery and by promoting your skills in a progressive and integrated program you will regain lost function and independence.

We are also part of a wider multi-disciplinary team that can facilitate you getting back on track.

Futureproof Bodyscreen

For acute injuries we will restore you back to your best possible condition. Along the way we will identify and address those problems which, if left, can lead to delayed recovery, re-injury or even arthritis.

This is the Futureproof Body Screen and it is exclusive to our clinics.

NZ Society of Physiotherapists